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 Your Good Health Is Your Greatest Wealth

Daryl and Pamela Sutherland who have been in the commercial food industry for the past 47 years commissioned a Scientist to help develop I ❤️ My Smoothie a genuine instant healthy breakfast food that would appeal to all ages.

Our vision is to offer a dietary solution that helps improve the immune system your gut health and overall wellbeing.  I ❤️ My Smoothie  is packed with nutrient dense ingredients and is the perfect breakfast staple to ensure you are having a delicious and nutritious meal.

It had to be quick and easy to prepare to fit in with a busy lifestyle, have a great taste and most of all with outstanding health benefits. This is how I ❤️ My Smoothie came to be - it ticks all the boxes.

It not only tastes fantastic but is designed to give your immune system the tools it needs to support itself.

It comes in a handy single serve 55g sachet for use at home or to take with you to your workplace.

All you need is a blender & liquid of your choice to make the perfect Smoothie. If you prefer it can be made into a creamy delicious Smoothie Bowl (Porridge), see directions on the sachet. 


Make the switch to "I ❤️ My Smoothie" to-day.

Australia owned and made with the best Australian produces have to offer.

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